Can I take a Ballet class if I have never danced before?

Most certainly. Ballet is actually the core of all dance genres and provides you with the groundwork for many styles of dance. We also adapt the class where necessary and the steps can be carried out at various levels to suit all abilities.

Do I need to wear a leotard and tights?

You are most welcome to, but it is not a requirement. So long as you are comfortable and can move freely. We do recommend well fitted pants / gym wear or leggings so that the teacher can see your turnout and assist in positioning your body correctly.

I do not have Ballet shoes yet, can I still come join class?

Yes that is fine for the first class, you can wear socks or go bare feet for the first class. We do recommend Ballet shoes thereafter and can recommend dance stores to purchase these from.

I am not sure if Ballet is for me, can I do a trial first?

Yes, we offer casual classes so you just pay for the class/es you attend and thereafter you can sign up for the remainder of the term, or remain casual

Do I need to be double vaccinated?

Yes, in line with the recent Government announcements proof of vaccination is required.

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